1948 Tucker 48 in Waltz Blue Metallic

by | Jan 10, 2020

Photo Credit: Mike Maez

1948 Tucker 48 in Waltz Blue Metallic

by | Jan 10, 2020

Photo Credit: Mike Maez














Gooding & Company


January 17-18

When you own a Tucker, you have much more than a great automobile. You possess a fascinating chapter in American automotive history. Many of the Tucker 48s now reside in famous museums such as The Petersen, The Henry Ford, the Smithsonian Institution and Toyota’s corporation collection in Japan.

Many already know of Preston Tucker’s attempt to build his automobile thanks to Francis Ford Coppola’s 1988 movie, Tucker: The Man and His Dream.” The film describes the story of the man and his car, the role Detroit may have played in his failure, and how different the Tucker 48 was from other vehicles of the same era.

The exterior design certainly is unusual, complete with three headlights, including the central turning “cyclops eye.” The body makes a long taper towards the tail. Near the back of the vehicle, you’ll find the Franklin O-335 flat-6 engine and, in the case of the car for auction, the Tucker Y-1 transmission. Inside is a large bench seat interior that includes a safety compartment below the padded dash, in case of an accident. Another feature is a pop-out windshield. The doors extend into the roof for easy entry and exit.

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The Tucker 48 was first shown in Chicago during 1947, and the production run created 51 cars. The Tucker 48 that Gooding & Company will auction is chassis 1034, which was one of the vehicles assembled in the Chicago factory. 

Gooding & Company’s example is one of a dozen Tuckers finished in Waltz Blue Metallic, said by some experts to be the color of Mrs. Tucker’s favorite dress. There are just 6,200 miles on the chassis 1034, and it has its original interior upholstery. The car has never required a comprehensive restoration and is part of the Cofer Collection.

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