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Navigating collector car valuations

Collier AutoMedia is delighted to partner with Hagerty, one of the world’s leading experts on collector car valuation, to bring you Hagerty Insider. Each month at Collier AutoMedia’s Market Insights, you’ll find a report compiled by experts on topics affecting the collector car market. We hope this resource adds clarity and fuels your passion.

Hagerty Insider @ Market Insights – Volume 3:
The Collector Car Market in 2020

Could the online auctions really make up for the missing land sales? And how would the changes in the auction world impact classic car values overall?


Hagerty Insider @ Market Insights – Volume 2:
“Restoration,” by Colin Comer

This month’s report is “Restoration,” written by Colin Comer, a sought-after expert for top collectors worldwide and the author of several books on the muscle-car era.


Hagerty Insider @ Market Insights – Volume 1:
“Time Machine,” by John Wiley

How did the classic car market perform during previous recessions? To find out, take a ride in our Mercedes-Benz 300SL