Spotlight On Terry Karges

Spotlight On Terry Karges Terry Karges is the Executive Director at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. In this episode, Terry shares what to expect moving forward with the museum, how, as a kid, moving from Illinois to...
Spotlight On Dr. Gundula Tutt

Spotlight On Dr. Gundula Tutt Dr. Gundula Tutt is an art preservationist from Germany with a doctorate degree in the history of automotive paint. Dr. Tutt practices her craft for private car collectors and automotive museums throughout...
The Duesenberg’s Enduring American Legacy

The Duesenberg’s Enduring American Legacy

​Tony Holbeck, president of the Illinois-based Roamer Motor Car Company, wasn’t too proud to tip his hat to a competitor. “Fred Duesenberg’s racing stars seem destined to finish the year as far ahead of their competitors as they started, judging from the last two...
Spotlight On J.R. Amantea

Spotlight On J.R. Amantea If J.R. played the violin or piano, you would have seen him featured on 60 minutes and the term “Child Prodigy” would have been used. As a 6-year-old, JR did not perform at Carnegie Hall – he was too...
The Family of 1108

The Family of 1108

Good heavens, it was actually happening. Looking down at the 2019 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance awards ramp, a burgundy 1955 Lancia B20 was gliding up to take 3rd place in the O2 class, Postwar Touring. Its driver, Jim Farley, and his wife Lia were smiling and...
From Gargoyles to Angels to Automobiles

From Gargoyles to Angels to Automobiles

This article was originally published by Revs Institute on June 29, 2018. First she started with gargoyles. Then she moved onward, and upward, to angels. Finally she shifted her focus to objects less celestial but, in the eyes of enthusiasts, heavenly nonetheless:...

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