Spotlight On Cam Ingram

Spotlight On Cam Ingram CAM Sound Tracks Cam Ingram is the owner of Road Scholars in Durham, North Carolina. Cam and his team specialize in the top 1% of vintage Porsche sales and Concours restoration. In this episode, we discuss...
Spotlight On Howard Swig

Spotlight On Howard Swig CAM Sound Tracks Howard Swig is the Director of Auctions at Bring a Trailer. Bring A Trailer started as an enthusiast website and is now changing the auto auction landscape from the ground up. In this episode,...
Spotlight On Chuck Shoendorf

Spotlight On Chuck Shoendorf CAM Sound Tracks Chuck Shoendorf has a passion for a peculiar car, The Cunningham. He loves Italian style and design on the outside and a Chrysler Hemi V8 on the inside. In this episode, Chuck shares...
Spotlight On Tony Callas

Spotlight On Tony Callas Auto Biographies Feature Tony Callas of Callas Rennsport knows Porsche. Tony mentored under Adrian Gang at Edelweiss Porsche, Alwin Springer of Porsche Motorsport North America (PMNA) and the renowned...

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