Spotlight On Jason Wenig

Spotlight On Jason Wenig Jason Wenig Is the owner of The Creative Workshop, Classic Car Restoration & Coachbuilding in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.? You may also know him from the MotorTrend TV show: Long Road to Monterey. In...
Spotlight On Philip Richter

Spotlight On Philip Richter Philip Richter is the publisher of Turtle Garage and host of The Turtle Invitational. He also sits on the steering committee of the “Car Hub.” The goal of the Car Hub project is to serve as...
Spotlight On Pedro Vela

Spotlight On Pedro Vela Nobody on Earth loves their work more than Pedro. Pedro is a part of the team at Revs Institute in Naples, Florida. Pedro tells us how his personal goal to see a McLaren lead him to Revs Institute, when he...
Spotlight On Lyn St James

Spotlight On Lyn St James Lyn St James is a professional race car driver, a motivational speaker, and an author. She has competed in the Indianapolis 500 seven times, driven NASCAR, Endurance, Dragsters and more. In this episode,...

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