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Collier is an online Magazine for people interested in classic and collector cars of particular distinction and quality. Our team of editors and contributors are leading authorities on the cars and the people and events that define them. We provide in-depth and definitive reviews on meaningful cars — past and present — as well as news and insightful analysis of the market. Our content serves the global community of owners and enthusiasts, and supports the Culture and Events of the classic and collector car world.



Our Mission

“Against the future backdrop of driverless cars and automobiles as utilities, we tell the stories of great automobiles – past and present — and the people and events that define them”

We seek to inspire and guide the experience of owning and driving meaningful cars, and provide a digital platform connecting users with understandable information and the resources to experience the world of classic and collector cars.

We are dedicated to connoisseurship and to perpetuate the mastery and cultural legacy of automobiles for future generations.

Our Founders

Miles Collier is recognized around the world as one of the leading authorities and collectors of classic cars. Two generations of the Collier family have been pioneers in the field of classic car competition, collecting, and connoisseurship.

Miles Collier and his wife, Parker, have dedicated themselves to preserving automotive history and elevating the status of the automobile as a cultural icon and agent of change and human progress. The Revs Institute, which they founded In 2007, and the Revs Digital Library are an internationally recognized reflection of that determination.

In 2017, Parker Collier embarked on the exploration of new opportunities that would expand upon the mission and legacy of the Revs Institute and the Miles Collier Collections – and ensure that meaningful cars remain relevant and accessible to the next generations of enthusiasts.

Collier AutoMedia is at the forefront of that mission.


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